Photoset of the Legacy Day outfits! If these Royals and Rebels become dolls, I can only expect them to make these outfits.

First three pictures are of Apple White, and her beautiful outfit. I was reminded a lot of the Queen of Hearts Designer doll.

The next three are of Raven Queen. The details are just amazing! I mean, can you imagine a doll of this?

Picture 5 is of most of the EAH main student body. In order it’s Blondie, Ashlynn, Unnamed Frog Prince, Daring, Kitty, Cedar, Madeline, and Cerise.

Picture 6 is a closeup of Blondie, Ashlynn, and Frog Prince. Ashlynn’s dress is to die for! The Frig Prince is so cute. I mean, seriously! He is adorable!

Picture 7 is Briar (My baby) and Daring. I am interested to see Briar’s dress, it looks a bit bland in comparison to others. BUT I LOVE HER. Daring looks very dasher as well.

Picture 8 is of Madeline and Cerise. Madeline look’s crazy, which I like. Cerise is all mysterious with her beautiful cloak!

I hope you all enjoy!